Many Thanks! for a brilliant effort, item fitted perfectly, I returned the other one this afternoon by royal mail. I will use your company again if I need any other parts in the future.
Kevin Haris

The calliper has now been fitted and the Master Ace is now back on the road thank goodness.
J. Smith

We try our best to make our website user friendly. If you have any suggestions to improve our website, and most importantly our services as one of the oldest Japanese Parts Specialist, then please send us your views and feedback. thanks you for your time. webmaster .. click here
Published on: oct 14,2010

Toyota is currently testing its "Toyota Plug-in HV". It uses a lithium-ion battery pack. The PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) could have a lower environmental impact than existing hybrids. Toyota is also speeding up the development of (ALL-ELECTRIC) vehicles that run only on electricity with the aim of mass-producing them in the early part of the next decade. Well, its a good news especially when petrol cost is soaring high but new technology normally comes with a big price tag... click here
Published on: oct 11,2010

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